You’ll Regret Not Getting This 11.11 Singles Day Deal

Athirah Syamimi/10 November 2018

11.11 or 11 November is the 3rd most awaited day for the major price drops, falling behind Christmas and Black Friday. We are here to share a couple of goodies you HAVE TO keep an eye out or you’ll regret it. 

FIFA 19 NSW Version @ $62

Usual price from PlayTrends is $67.80 but on this Singles Day (11 November 2018), you can get it at $62! It’s just another reminder that you are celebrating Singles Day…


….because you are single this year…


Singles Day

Simply enter the code “PTBTSE11” after adding your FIFA 19 Nintendo Switch into your shopping cart. You can get from PlayTrends Lazada page HERE or PlayTrends Shopee store HERE.

$25 Off Your Next Purchase

Not only can you enjoy a cheaper Singles Day gift on 11.11, you can get $25 off your purchase from PlayTrends when you enter the code “PlayBTSE11“. 

Head over to their Lazada page HERE or Shopee store HERE to browse for your favourite gaming needs! 


Now you have an extra $25 to spend. What can you do with this $25?

  1. Bring your crush out on a date
  2. Buy in-game credits
  3. Buy a gift for your crush
  4. Buy more gaming gear
  5. Chill out with your homies
  6. Invest in skins
  7. Spend it all in the LAN shop
  8. Stock up on instant noodles
  9. Treat yourself to a $25 meal
  10. Rent a girlfriend to meet your family

There’s so much you can do with an additional $25 you save when you use”PlayBTSE11” to purchase from PlayTrends… the possibilities are endless! 

11.11 Fiesta

Shopee & Lazada both provide amazing deals and you’re probably confused on which platform to splurge on. 

Lazada sale

You can expect up to 56% off on products from Logitech and up to 30% from Asus! There’s a lot more so get your shopping mood on and head over to Lazada HERE now.

shopee 11.11

If Lazada isn’t your thing, that’s okay! There’s a lot of offer on Shopee too HERE! In fact, on Shopee, you can start shopping today! We love how Shopee is promoting their sale. You’ll understand what we mean when you watch the video below. 

Well, that’s it for now! Happy shopping and be sure to follow us on FacebookInstagram and Telegram so you don’t miss another update. Until then, Get Paid To Play!

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