Valorant Tips on How to Improve Your Movement Skill

Alyza Zahra/08 September 2022

Valorant Tips on How to Improve Your Movement Skill

One important thing to master Valorant is by improving your movement. It has undeniably become one of the most essential things to consider since Valorant is a tactical FPS (first-person shooter) that emphasizes on positioning, aiming, and utilizing the players’ abilities. 

Although movement sounds like a very basic aspect of gaming, it is important to pay more attention to any different kind of angles and positions. With great movement skills, players are supposedly able to perform any other skill confidently, such as aiming and winning matches steadily.

If you agree on how movement plays such a pivotal role, then you’re good to go! Here are a few tips for Valorant players to improve their performance through movement curated by Bountie.

Valorant Tips on Gunfight Skill Improvement

  • Do not Crouch!

Crouching tends to send you back to the scoreboard. At some point, you might think that crouching helps since it has become an easy way out and it gives you benefits. But if you rely so much on the crouch, you will get used to being unprepared for an enemy that moves from side to side. This is why you need to stop the crouching habit.

The crosshairs don’t get narrower as you crouch. Rather, it makes you an easy target in this position. Instead of crouching, you should learn how to improve your movement. Although crouching sounds like a bad idea, some people say it is still necessary if you are utilizing it in the right situation.

  • Try Counter Strafing

In the FPS world, Strafe means moving sideways. So counter strafing means moving in the opposite direction. To do this trick efficiently, you have to pay attention to your speed as you move sideways and as you gain enough momentum, immediately press the key that will take you in the opposite direction. This will make your first bullet hit straight to your target accurately.

  • Jingle Peeking

Jingle peeking is similar to counter-strafing, but this time you’re doing it behind a cover. You need to use the `A’ and ‘D’ keys to expose a very small part of yourself so you can either gain information or launch a few shots under protection.

  • Jump Spotting

Jump spotting methods are not allowed to be used in every situation, but it is one of the great ways to collect information about the enemy. Since information is very crucial in this game, doing the jump spot can benefit you with massive advantages on the field. Just hide behind a cover that is not too tall, such as the Haven A-sit box and the Icebox B-long box. You can try to do this by jumping over the cover and then pressing the key in the opposite direction to get back to your safe position.

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That’s it for this quick update on Valorant Tips on How to Improve Your Movement Skill. Stay tuned for a more in-depth game review.

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