Valorant Schedule 2023: International League and Challengers

Savara Kautsar/14 September 2022

Valorant Schedule 2023: International League and Challengers – Bountie

Since the title’s release on PC, Riot Games’ Valorant has been a huge hit and has managed to win over fans in the highly competitive FPS space. In the last few months, the game has come a long way and has become one of the best esports titles.

The competitive Valorant 2023 season is set to launch several new leagues and several high-profile tournaments early next year, tournament organizer and game developer Riot Games announced today.

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Here are all the details we know so far about the 2023 Valorant’s schedule:

International Leagues and Events

For those working at Riot, their season kicks off in February with a kickoff tournament in São Paulo, Brazil. His three-week tournament sees all 30 teams competing for the championship. Winners of this event secure additional seats in their respective international leagues at the Masters in June.

After the opening tournaments, the three international leagues begin their eight-week competition in March, with the winner crowned in May, one month before the Masters in June.

2023 will see the Masters event featuring the best teams from each international league, and the winner of this tournament will automatically qualify for the Champions in August. Like this year, the Champions end his mid-September, and the offseason begins his October.

Teams can secure their spot in the Champions through Last Chance Qualifiers in July. The season will then resume with the first division in February 2024.

Valorant Schedule 2023: International League and Challengers - Bountie

Image source Riot Games


The 2023 season begins in January for non-Riot-affiliated Challenger teams to compete in one of three international leagues. The first Challengers Circuit ends in March, with the second split starting soon after.

If your team wins, there will be an Ascension Tournament in July that will qualify you for next year’s Partnership League. Winners of the 2023 promotion tournaments will qualify for their respective international leagues in 2024.

That’s it for this quick update on Valorant Schedule 2023: International League and ChallengersStay tuned for more in-depth game tips and reviews.

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