We Talk To Vladimir Nikitin About ICOs & Blockchain Tech

Bountie/15 May 2018

We have a special treat for you, Bountie Hunters: a few words from one of our esteemed ICO and cryptocurrency advisors on our board. This time, we talk to Vladimir Nikitin.

Vladimir is a world-class professional and legal consultant with over ten years worth experience in the legal, finance, retail, and IT industries. He is a renowned cryptocurrency expert and ICO advisor; he is the top 2 worldwide certified expert according to ICObench. As an active supporter and advocate of blockchain technology, he provides consultancy and advice to selected ICOs in the CIS region.

Vladimir’s network in the cryptocurrency community counts over 30,000 members. His portfolio includes 7 finished ICO projects with 120 million dollars. In this exclusive interview, we talk to him about his interests in the cryptocurrency and blockchain field, and why he joined Bountie in the first place. 

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What made you interested in cryptocurrency and blockchain?

I always wanted to learn something new. A few years ago, I helped out several ICO projects from Russia regarding legal issues; and I got a few Bitcoin and cryptocurrency tokens for my efforts.

I began to look for information involving Bitcoin, and sure enough, I came across blockchain and learned how it works. I liked the idea and the essence of the technology. I see huge potential in this technology, and I predict that blockchain will be implemented in many areas in the next few years. 

Why did you choose to become Bountie’s advisor? 

I want to help Bountie out because I love the games industry. I was previously involved in  ICO projects that tied into the games industry. Out of all the ones I’ve seen in my life, I see big potential in Bountie and its idea. The company has the potential to become number 1 in the Asian video games market.

What makes a successful ICO? What separates a successful ICO from the rest?

In this current climate, the most important aspects for a successful ICO is for the company to have a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) and team members with huge levels of experience. Other factors include having good advisors to steer the ICO ship into the right and viable direction, as well as a good marketing plan. 

What are the 5 key things an ICO company should not do if they want to be successful?

ICO projects, in any case, should not:

  1. Lie to their potential investors.
  2. Abuse the trust of the crypto community.
  3. Say that already have MVP when it only a demo.
  4. Hide the ICO and product’s real crowd-sale performance.
  5. Relax. ICOs require hard work and is a huge responsibility since they cater to thousands of people who believe in your product. 

What does Bountie specifically need to do to be a successful ICO?

To be frank, Bountie is already doing a lot to become successful. However, it is still necessary to provide the public with an MVP. Bountie also needs to deploy its marketing to other markets like Europe, Russia, and America since there are gamers in this country. 

Thank you so much for your insight, Vladimir. For more information on Bountie, visit our main website. 

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