We Talk To Gaming Advisor Marc Bell About Cryptocurrency & Blockchain

Bountie/07 May 2018

Want to find out more about the many advisors at Bountie? You’re in luck, because we are putting the spotlight on our gaming advisor: Marc Bell. 

A bit about Marc Bell: he started working in the digital entertainment space back in the late 90s in San Francisco where he met many online creative pioneers. He quickly started learning all aspects of the online startup scene and how to run a successful online business. Marc Bell leaned towards the gaming industry with strong experiences in global business development, strategic partnerships & management in start-ups. 

He has worked alongside many AAA titles and global media companies as well as game developers while publishing games, esports platforms, music and interactive content. Examples of places he worked at include Wargaming.net and Esports Mogul. All of his work is focused on building engaging communities across social networks.

In this interview, we find out more about how he came about Bountie and why he wishes to work with Bountie. 

Tell us about your game industry experience.

I have been fortunate to travel and work around the world because of gaming and the esports industry.

The entertainment industry’s dynamic of combining creativity and technology has always fascinated me.  Technological innovation ushers in a new era of creative thinking. The creative thinking pushes the technology to the next level. This is what I love about the gaming experiences I have gained, as it always drives me to work on new ideas catering to the communities’ ever-evolving needs.

“I seed stage investments, provide advisory services, and assume board seats for emerging companies in gaming entertainment, advertising technology and blockchain tech.”

How did you come about Bountie? 

I read an article on the Asian Entrepreneur site in January 2018 about Bountie’s CEO Lex Na. I thought to myself that he and the Bountie team can potentially disrupt a few of my favourite industries.  There has been a buzz among gaming colleagues who have been keeping an eye on Bountie.

“Lex and I share a similar background. He has a clear vision of how to connect the dots between the new consumer culture of today and the business tech trends of tomorrow. Along with the company’s grassroots and bottom-up community approach, I believe these elements are what separate Bountie and offer unique value for all players within the Bountie Ecosystem.”


Why do you wish to be our advisor?

I look forward to sharing my entrepreneurial experience with the young team of Bountie, in hopes to support them with my in-depth knowledge of the fast-paced esports scene.

“In the past, gaming communities and players have lacked a strong voice, because the handful of leading gaming companies were providing disconnected content from their players. This has changed dramatically over the last few years as technology has empowered youth to create hyper-connected communities and disrupt how they consume news, learning, and entertainment.”

The result is an intensely experience-driven culture. I believe the Bountie platform and its community will be an ecosystem for gamers to thrive, learn and share real-world learning experiences.

What is it you like about the gaming and cryptocurrency scene? 

Right now, cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies are at the forefront of the world’s economy. I enjoy the fast-paced daily work that brings some of the brightest of the upcoming generation into the cryptocurrency economy with big ideas who aren’t afraid to voice what’s on their minds.

For example, Bountie is a hybrid video gaming publisher, esports technologist, cryptocurrency and e-commerce company, utilizing blockchain tech.

What makes a successful ICO or a successful cryptocurrency company?

Dedication, drive, resilience, focus, respect, humanity, passion for your work, and a strong work ethic. The blockchain technological revolution is transforming the new economy into one driven by youth, It’s essential to understand our youth and the driving forces of the new economy.

“Younger gaming generations play an increasingly important role as the driving force behind innovation, growth, and successful ICOs and blockchain companies as a whole.”

Esports was born organically from the gaming industry as a fun competitive gameplay amongst friends. We didn’t know where it was going 13 years ago and people didn’t take it seriously.

Look at it now: it’s bigger than all major sports combined worldwide. 

We don’t know where crypto is going but we do know it’s here to stay and blockchain tech provides transparency and secure decentralized transactions that people care about. I envision the gaming and entertainment communities as a driving force in bringing crypto products to the mainstream consumer’s daily lives.

Thank you so much, Marc Bell, for your insightful answers. For more info on Bountie, head over to our token sale website. 

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