We Are Sponsoring Team Impunity!

Bountie/06 April 2018

Good news, fellow Bounty Hunters. We are proud to announce that we will be sponsoring Team Impunity, a renowned esports team that is based in Singapore. Bountie will be supporting the Singaporean top team financially.

Team Impunity consists of a Vainglory division, a League of Legend division, a FIFA Online 3 division, and a Counter-Strike: Global Offensive division. The team had a total of 49 awesome finishes with 31 gold placements, 13 silver placements, and 5 bronze placements in various esports tournaments around the world.

Our CEO Lex Na has this to say about this great occasion: 

“We believe that Team Impunity has what it takes to make an even more grand presence in the esports scene. Whether they are playing for Vainglory or for other competitive titles, their past accomplishments and their resolve are what made us want to sponsor them monetarily.”

Team Impunity co-founder Kliff Chan chipped in his two cents about the sponsorship. 

“We fully support Bountie’s vision. Their platform sounds magnificent and has the potential to help out gamers in Southeast Asia. We fully believe that the Bountie platform will be able to make players earn money by doing what they love on a daily basis, as well as help them out financially. We are incredibly honoured to be sponsored by them.”

Here are Team Impunity’s top plays, in case you weren’t sure about what they do and how skilled they are. 


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