We Reached Out To Students To Talk About The Future Of Esports

Bountie/04 April 2018

Hey Bountie Hunters, we ended the month of March with another great event to help bolster esports further!

On 31 March 2018, we hosted a panel discussion with students of James Cook University. We formed a diverse panel of speakers representing the different organisations in order to have a comprehensive insight from their various perspective.

Check Ho – Does esports projects for various countries and organization to maintain the esports cycle.
Fabien Ong – Led the Impunity Vainglory Team to multiple podium finishers both locally and globally, most notably at the Vainglory World’s.
Amos “Quartervois” Ker – Captain of Team Impunity’s Vainglory division. Led the team to Championship in Vainglory8 SEA 2017 Summer Season.
Apollonia Hinds – Overall Captain and manager of Girlaxy, and Girlaxy India.


Here’s a snippet of Check’s answer to tips for fresh graduates,

“When you’re just starting out, try to not go for the money. Always aim for the learning (experience). Something that my mentor taught me was anything (that I do) before 30, I will never go for the money as long as there’s a clear learning objective. If I’m going to learn something from here that will benefit me after I’m 30 years old, I’d go for it. And after I hit 30, the job that I call for, I’ll never call for a small amount because I give them my long portfolio and justify why I’m worth the huge amounts.” 

Listen to our chat with Amos: Vainglory Talk With Amos “Quatervois” Ker

Girlaxy’s Apollonia also brought up some points about esports: 

“Pro gaming isn’t all about sitting and playing games all the time. You have to build your character and personality. You, also, have to learn to market yourself. You really have to work hard because ‘overnight fame’ rarely happens.”

We are having more events for the gaming community! In fact, we are organising a meetup with the Twitch SG Community very soon. Watch this space for more details.  

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