#PowerWithTheStars: Bountie’s Take On Samsung’s Galaxy Note 9

Athirah Syamimi/11 August 2018

Samsung launched its Galaxy Note 9 pre-orders with power stars from Korea, Kim Jong Kook and Park Min Young yesterday at Singapore’s Gardens By The Bay. The highly anticipated Note 9, coupled with a 2 incredible Korean Stars, was one of the best product launch party one can only hope to attend. And Bountie was invited by the good folks at Samsung to experience it! We got to learn, touch and play around with the Note 9 during the launch party. It’s only fair we share the great experience with you so here’s all you need to know about the power phone and its successful launch party.

Samsung Note 9With this launch, you can pre-order the Note 9’s 128GB with 6GB RAM model for S$1,398 and 512GB with 8GB RAM model for S$1,728.

All The New Features Of Note 9

Samsung focused its efforts in making the Note 9 a better phone than its counterparts instead of trying to add new elements to it. Don’t worry about losing favourite features as Samsung’s signatures like water resistance, fast wireless charging, expandable microSD storage, and the headphone jack are still here.

What we love the most is that Note 9 can handle our heavy gaming habits! Note 9, also, received a display, battery and S-PEN revamp to make it the phone all Galaxy fans have been waiting years for.

The Gamers’ Phone

Kim Jong Kook

“I do a lot of things with, you know, my phone… I like watching movies and playing games. We need a phone with huge storage” says Kim Jong Kook. When on the move, Kim Jong Kook admits that he often watch videos, movies and more importantly, playing games.

The Note 9 has a SNAPDRAGON 845 processor and all new water carbon cooling system. Does it actually have water running through the phone? Yes, it does! The water carbon cooling system is designed for smooth, and consistent performances. In other words, it’s an important feature to keep your phone from overheating while running heavy-loaded games like Fortnite (yes it is coming to Samsung devices) or PUBG.

Bountie Note 9 Gaming

Equipped the processor and water carbon cooling system with a bigger Super AMOLED Quad HD+ screen for high-quality visual resolution, this Note 9 is a must-have for all game fanatics… like Bountie.

Bigger Screen Display

Immerse yourself in your favourite games with a bigger screen. Although not a huge difference, the note 9 has a 6.4-inch screen as compared to 6.3 inches in the Note 8. The general outlook of Note 9 resembles its predecessor except the fingerprint sensor is now below camera for easier access.

Here’s a comparison to the Galaxy S9.

S9 vs Note 9

Longer Battery Life Span

Note 9 is equipped with the largest battery (4000mAh) in Galaxy Note and can last up to 10 hours of video streaming. Just imagine how the Note 9 would handle gaming intensive gaming habits. Or like how Kim Jong Kook loves it for its longer battery life so that he doesn’t need to carry a portable charger.

note 9

We all remember that Samsung went through quite an ordeal with its battery issues last year which resulted in users getting injured. To make sure this never happens again, Note 9 underwent quality and safety checks from external companies.

More Storage Space

There are 2 models for you to choose from. The standard 128GB and new 512GB storage space. Insert a 512GB microSD card, and you can have a 1TB storage phone. You’ll never have to worry about deleting precious photos to make space for your games.

Camera Functions

Note 9 Camera

Sticking to its origins, the Note 9’s camera has dual aperture capabilities with secondary lens for portrait shots. There’s a new A.I Powered scene recognition added in Note 9 where it can automatically detect the subject of the photo and adjust the contrast, saturation and white balance settings for you.

If that doesn’t impress you, Note 9 has flaw detector that’ll prompt you when the image is blur, smudge or someone in your group photo blinked. It’s a small prompt that you might miss out if you weren’t paying attention, but the feature is better than most phones that are out in the market.

Bluetooth S PEN

All the new features are great, but this is the one we’ve all been waiting for – Bluetooth S Pen. With Bluetooth technology embedded into the S Pen, more functionalities will make your life more productive. Once connected to the phone’s Bluetooth, the S Pen can act as a remote camera shutter, presentation clicker and music controller.


By default, pressing and holding the button will open the phone camera but you can customise this to open your preferred app. It even works from 30 feet (9 metres) away!

Putting Our Fangirls Cap On For #PowerWithTheStars


We have to thank our friends from Samsung for inviting Bountie to experience the launch party where two major Korean superstars shared their love for the latest Note 9. The venue was filled with loyal fans of Galaxy Note, Kim Jong Kook and Park Min Young.

Park Min Young

We must admit that probably 90% of the crowd came for the Korean Stars and they were not disappointed. Samsung and Viu organised an amazing event by introducing the phone’s state-of-the-art features, delivering Samsung’s President Speech, interviewing and playing games with Kim Jong Kook and Park Min Young.

We also had the privilege to listen to the welcoming speech by Samsung Electronic Singapore’s President, Lee Jui Siang.

Lee Jui Siang

“The Galaxy Note 9 was created with the customer in mind. With mobile phones that is increasingly becoming a big part of everyone’s life, we wanted to brings you a device that will empower your life throughout your day from work to play. In celebration of the launch of the galaxy note 9, we are delighted to partner with Viu to organise this exclusive launch party to meet and greet your favourite Korean artistes, KJK and PMY. This party is our way to say thank you to you, our loyal customers. We hope you will enjoy your evening. Thank you.” – Lee Jui Siang, President of Samsung Electronics Singapore.

Unfortunately, we didn’t get an exclusive interview with the Stars, but there were a couple of moments when I felt that they were looking right at me. Then again, that could be my eyes playing tricks on me to satisfy my inner need for attention. My team and I did, however, catch local celebrity, Jean Danker for a quick fangirl session.

All in all, the launch party was a great success, and we can’t wait to get our hands on the Note 9. You can pre-order right now and get a free upgrade to 512GB for the price of the 128GB model!

We will be giving our exclusive gamers review of the Note 9 very soon so stay tuned to Bountie’s blog and social media!

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