How To Use Bountie Tokens

Bountie/26 July 2018

Bountie Token (BNTE) is the underlying currency for our platform. To understand how you can use Bountie Token, we are going to split it into 3 phases: short-term, medium-term, and long-term. 

Short-Term (1 – 2 Months After ICO)

We will be listed on crypto-exchanges after our Initial Coin Offering (ICO) ends on November 7, 2018. Within 2 months, we will have distributed all BNTE to the ERC20 wallet of everyone who owns them.

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Trade & Cash Out Via Crypto-Exchange

Anyone who owns BNTE can send tokens from their ERC20 Compatible Crypto Wallet to their crypto-exchange wallet. You will be able to convert BNTE to more popular cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin or Ethereum) and sell it to get fiat money(eg. USD, SGD, RM, etc).

  1. Send BNTE to a crypto-exchange wallet
  2. Change to Bitcoin or Ethereum
  3. Sell Bitcoin or Ethereum 
  4. Get fiat for selling

Bountie Arena

Other than trading/selling, you can start spending your BNTE on products and services provided in Bountie Arena. 

Over-The-Counter Method (Unofficial)

There are many methods of using and exchanging BNTE. If you are unfamiliar about using a crypto-exchange, you can sell your tokens on through a peer-to-peer transaction like Carousell or directly to your friends. It’s a win-win situation as you can to sell your tokens to fiat while your friends are able to buy it cheaper rate compared to the market price. 

Medium-Term (2019)

mouse on table in gaming arena

In our roadmap, you will be able to use your BNTE on Bountie’s platform.

Buy Into Tournaments

BNTE is our underlying currency. You can use BNTE to buy into tournaments to win more BNTE.

Bountie Store

On our online store, you will get to spend your BNTE on our partnered products to support your gaming needs. 

Long-Term (2 – 3 Years)

Offline Cash Out

We will implement a system where you can go to Bountie Arena or our affiliate partners to exchange your BNTE for cash.

Online Cash Out

Bountie envisions to make gamers’ lives better. We will create a Bountie wallet on our platform where players can seamlessly convert BNTE to fiat for everyday use. 

So, those are all the ways you can use Bountie Tokens! Follow us on Telegram for more updates.

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