GGRocket Collaboration: Growing The Esports Community In Asia

Yikai/04 September 2018

We are excited to announce Bountie’s strategic marketing & partnership collaboration with GGRocket. Designed for the gaming universe, GGRocket is the first tri-function blockchain protocol designed to reward Developers and Users for collecting gamers’ transactions, verifying identities and targeting promotions through AI. Through this collaboration, GGRocket and Bountie will work together to intensively grow the esports traffic in Asia.

Collaboration Details

The Bountie-GGRocket collaboration pursues the common goal of empowering gamers to Get Paid To Play while building a massive esports community in Asia.

Both Bountie and GGRocket are creating solutions to solve similar pain points in the esports market where there’s a lack of monetization for day-to-day gamers. We feel that GGRocket supports additional solutions to the current problems in esports and gaming through its AI technology.

The team behind GGRocket is highly competent; their ability to provide insight into the gaming industry will help us build a better experience for gamers in our Bountie community.

“GGRocket is building a protocol in gaming that is GAME CHANGING! We hope to be involved in their journey and to assist them with our experience and expertise. We are also looking forward to working with their Singapore team!” Lex Na, CEO of Bountie, comments on this collaboration.

Its CEO, Alexey Belyankin, also founded – escrow service & teamfinder for coaching and boost services in online games. Under his leadership, Legion Farm’s revenue grew from $0 to $1.000.000 in 2017. The rest of the GGRocket team is also highly equipped with the knowledge and experience to bring esports to another level.

“We are in a constant search for strategic partners that can add value to our ecosystem development for the gaming industry. Bountie has a team that is highly experienced in the gaming industry and are data-driven,” Alexey Belyankin, CEO of GGRocket, adds on.  GGRocket is excited to start working together with Bountie on merging esports market and blockchain technology in order to bring the most value to all the market”.

About Bountie

Bountie is a decentralized platform that aims to reward all participants in the gaming ecosystem in a fair and equitable manner for their gaming efforts and skills. This extends not only to gamers themselves, but also to game referees, content creators, and shoutcasters. Bountie’s tournament platform will enable retail gamers to monetize their skills early and compete fairly in an industry that is facing issues with hacking, boosting and smurfing; and will prevent aspiring gamers from failing to take off due to the high barriers of entry in official tournaments.

In addition, by aggregating gamers’ profiles on the blockchain, Bountie aims to build a “LinkedIn for Gamers” where strong relations can be formed, and which may facilitate the career progression for amateur gamers looking to turn professional.

About GGRocket

GGRocket is the first tri-function blockchain protocol designed for the gaming universe. Its protocol rewards both developers and users for collecting gamers’ transactions, verifying identities and targeting promotions through AI.

With GG-Robot, gamers are able to authorize their gaming profile in one click. Their other dApp, GG-Guard, aims to decentralize the gamers’ marketplace. Users of the marketplace will be able to trade gaming assets and services between each other with smart contracts created automatically or crafted with SDKs or even create their own dApps that will be useful in working with gaming data.

More details of our collaboration will be released in due time so stay tuned to our social media!

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