Bountie Weekly Update: Product Development, SP Freshmen Talk, E3 Recap

Yikai/22 June 2018

Happy Friday, Bountie Hunters. It has been a really nice week with many activities for Bountie so here are some updates from us to you regarding our product development, outreach program and gaming news.

Long Awaited Product Update

Thank you for constantly supporting Bountie and our vision to empower gamers to get paid to play. We will be releasing a full product update VERY soon so keep your eye out for that. For now, we want to give you a sneak peek. 

bountie platform

Right now, when your mouse hovers on a tournament, the block enlarges. Our plan is to put a video that plays in the background to increase the level of immersion. Think of how Netflix shows trailers. 

Bountie platform add friends

The social element is important to Bountie as we aim to be the “LinkedIn” for gamers. Honestly, we are far from being a social network for gamers at our current juncture. We will, however, incorporate a ‘Friends’ Management’ feature into the platform.

Bountie platform direct message

Direct Messaging will also be incorporated into the MVP.

Bountie Wallet

We want to provide a seamless transaction for the gamers. Bountie believes that gamers should do what they do best rather than focusing on external complicated wallet portals. Hence we design a Blockchain-based Wallet for the safekeeping of Bountie Tokens. Our plan is to have this integrate with the Bountie Web App directly instead of basing this in a separate Tokens portal.

Singapore Polytechnic Freshmen Talk

As part of our outreach program, Our Chief Performance Officer, Jose He, gave a great talk to the freshmen in Singapore Polytechnic (SP) on ‘How To Be A Good Speaker’ and the ‘Future Of Gaming And Technology’. We had a really fun time with the students from various entrepreneurship clubs and are glad to add value to their Freshmen Orientation Camp.

Bountie at SP 7 Parts of Being a Good Speaker
7 Parts of Being a Good Speaker

Bountie at SP THe future of gaming and technology
The future of gaming and technology

Bountie at SP Students of Singapore Polytechnic
Students of Singapore Polytechnic

E3 Conference Recap

This week on Bountie Talk, our content team discussed the recent E3 Conference that took place from 12 June to 14 June in Los Angeles. From the best showcase to the not-so-good presentations, we go all-out with our critiques. 

Listen to the episode on Bountie Talk Episode 30.

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That’s it for now. Stay tuned for more updates! 

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