Bountie Weekly Update: NYP LunchTime Talk, Collaborations and Latest Video!

Yikai/03 August 2018

It’s been a month since we last gave a weekly update, or rather 2018 Quarterly Report. So, you might be thinking, “what’s the difference between a weekly update and our Bountie Journal?”

Bountie Weekly Update covers the brief run through of what Bountie has been up to for the week while Bountie Journal documents a more in-depth, specific details of our culture. Think of it as the weekly update is a newsletter you read at the end of the week to make sure you didn’t miss out on all the cool happenings and Bountie Journal as the heartfelt letters we write at night to cherish the moments in Bountie. As a Bountie Hunter, You will want to read both so you can ride this wild journey with us.

NYP LunchTime Talk

We love doing CSR, and this time, Jose He (Bountie’s CPO) had the chance to go back to his former polytechnic, Nanyang Polytechnic, to give a talk to the students during their lunch break. NYP has started a series called “Lunchtime Talk” where alumni are invited to share their journey after graduation. Jose shared how he failed in his previous startup and what he learnt from it. Jose then shared how he picked himself up to form Bountie with the co-founders. 

It was truly inspiring, and we have to thank the organisers for inviting us over. And thank you for the shoutout!

Latest Video From Bountie

At Bountie, we want to show you our ‘human-side’ of things where we are just like any of you. We learn, work and play pretty much every day. As part of our new campaign to show you Bountie’s culture, we decided to do a makeup challenge.

We have our guys and girls showing off their artistic skills in this video! Check it out and let us know in the comments what you love/hate.

Collaborations and Partnerships

There is a lot of fantastic news to share with you! Unfortunately, we are unable to share most of them as of now. We can, however, showcase this incredible sponsorship from our dear friend, PlayTrends. Do us and favour and check them out. You will not be disappointed!

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