Bountie Token Purchase Guide

Yikai/05 September 2018

With our pre-sale launch coming up (23 September 2018), we want to make sure that you are well-equipped with enough information for a smooth purchase. There are a couple of things to take note of before you can take part in our pre-sale and enjoy a 15% bonus in Phase 1, taking place from the 23rd of September at 12.00pm to the 5th of October at 11.59am Singapore Time.

Have A ERC20 Compatible Crypto Wallet

A crypto wallet is where you store cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. As our Bountie Tokens (BNTE) are created using the ERC20 Token Standard, you will need a wallet that can store such tokens. Examples of ERC20 compatible crypto wallet includes MyEtherWallet, Trust Wallet App, Trezor and MetaMask.

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Ensure You Have Sufficient Funds In Your Wallet

You can purchase BNTE using Ethereum (ETH) or United States Dollar (USD). 1 ETH = 6,500 Bountie Tokens where the price of ETH is determined by CoinMarketCap. We all know that cryptocurrency is volatile and the prices fluctuate every second. However, to make your purchase smoother, the price that you see when you want to make a purchase will be frozen for 24 hours so you won’t end up paying for more than you wished for.

Do take note that the minimum purchase amount is 0.1 ETH.

Step By Step Guide To Buying Bountie Tokens 

Token Sale Page

Bountie Landing Page

Our token sale page can be accessed at where you’ll be redirected to the token sale landing page.

Sign Up An Account

Sign Up Page

You will need to create an account in order to sign in and purchase. Please use a valid email address; passwords must be at least 6 characters long, contain an uppercase letter, lowercase letter and a numeric character.

KYC Process

Terms & Conditions

Once you have successfully signed up for an account, you will be brought to our “Terms & Conditions” page. You will need to tick the box once you have read and understood the terms and conditions of purchasing Bountie Tokens.

Basic Information

Next, you will need to fill in your basic information. This is also part of our KYC process to validate the identity of our token purchasers. As for wallet address, please ensure that you have an ERC20 compatible wallet. Bountie WILL NOT be responsible for any loss of tokens if the wallet address entered here isn’t compatible.

Once you have filled in your details, you will be brought to the dashboard. Our KYC validation may take a few minutes so hang tight as we go through your submission. When approved, you can start to purchase BNTE.

Purchase Bountie Token

Payment Selection

You will be able to purchase using either ETH or USD. Simply choose your preferred payment method and the payment amount you would like to use.

You will see our QR code and wallet address if you have chosen to purchase via ETH. Once you have transferred ETH to our wallet address, click on the purchase button.

If you have decided to use USD for purchase, you will be directed to our bank details. ONLY transfer USD to our bank account or your payment will be rejected. Once you have transferred USD to our bank account, click on the purchase button.

Thank You For Purchasing Bountie Tokens

Once everything is done, you’ll get to the “Thank You” page. We will also send you an email to remind you if you have not transferred the ETH/USD. You will need to transfer within 48 hours or your request will be revoked.

You can also view your transaction history at the bottom of your dashboard.

If you have any further questions regarding Bountie Token purchase, feel free to reach out to us on Facebook, Twitter or Telegram! Our team is also happy to help you. 

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