Bountie Talk Episode 31: From Asiasoft To Bountie With Jiren Yeo

Bountie/05 July 2018

This week, we chat with our business development guy, Jiren Yeo. He shares his experiences at Asiasoft, why he joined Bountie and what makes people buy into your ICO. 

Jiren is an esports enthusiast and a regular Hearthstone player in the local gaming scene. Since 2012, Jiren specialises in the business development field. He represented Asiasoft’s international business relations for 5 years before moving into freelance business development. Jiren’s experience in business development connected him to work with Capcom, NetEase, Nexon, and S2Games in partnerships acquisition for regional game launches.

Here’s a short snippet from the podcast:

Unlike raising funds through cash investments, we are reaching to crypto enthusiast and people who came in early to cryptocurrency. These people have a good portfolio and wants to diversify in the new and upcoming. They are pretty much looking at your product vision, founding team, talent, and advisors. 

For my most successful pitch has a synergy between believing in the blockchain space and our product vision.

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