Bountie Talk Episode 29: Cryptocurrency Insights With Peter Sin

Bountie/14 June 2018

This week on Bountie Talk, we chat with our cryptocurrency advisor Peter Sin. He shares his insights on the cryptocurrency market, how he got into cryptocurrency and his thoughts on Bountie’s ICO. 

Peter Sin is a financial specialist who co-founded Singapore Bitcoin Club, Singapore’s largest cryptocurrency trading educational community that was established to promote financial literacy in crypto assets and practical technical analysis education for consumers. He is also the Co-Head of Digital Currency Subcommittee of ACCESS – Singapore Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Industry Association. 

Snippet from the chat:

“Bountie has a good ecosystem. It’s not only about incentives and rewards but it’s really about changing the landscape in gaming. In Singapore, there’s a stigma around gamers. They’re seen as people who don’t have a  proper career. Bountie is helping to change that perspective because gamers can incentivise their skills on the platform.”

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