Bountie Talk Episode 27: Business Development With Desmond Tan

Bountie/31 May 2018

This week, we talk to our Head of Business Development, Desmond Tan, where he shares about his role in Bountie and how he got into the business in the first place.

As a Head of Business Development, Desmond is in charge of building the company’s image to the public, sales and partnerships. He was a co-founder of a regional advertising agency and a senior investment associate of Castlewood Group. Desmond is a flamboyant on stage aficionado with 7 years of experience in events. He is also a former speaker and presenter for a foreign property developer in China & Indonesia.

A few excerpts from the podcast.

What does being a business development mean?

“Business development covers every angle out there; dealing with investors, token purchasers, individuals, gaming brands, government agencies, and institutions. Pretty much, it is to represent Bountie at its very best and being a brand ambassador for Bountie.”

How is the gaming market in Thailand?

“Gaming is a huge market. In Singapore, we have over 2 million gamers. In Thailand, we have 15 million gamers. The gaming population there is very ripe. And the government understands the potential of esports industry. They’re going full force in supporting and coming out with sponsorships.

Even in the recent Startup Thailand that we attended, esports was mainly emphasized. It’s a mature market compared to what we have in Singapore. So, the potential is huge.”

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