Bountie Journal: First Huddle at the New Office

Priyanka/11 September 2018

Good news, Bountie Hunters. We have officially moved in! The team has finally graduated from Toa Payoh, a space generously provided by Fixx Digital, and relocated to the beautiful Platform E office at SIM’s Management House: the newest ecosystem for entrepreneurs in Singapore.

Jose’s Message

Yesterday morning, Jose He led Bountie’s first official huddle at the new location. Always inspirational, our Chief Performance Officer opened the discussion with a clip from the movie, Facing the Giants:

What we witnessed here was a football coach motivating the captain of his team to do his very best and persevere, despite the hardship. This in turn inspired and set an example for the rest of his teammates, encouraging them to show resilience and to push themselves to the breaking point. For it is only when you test your limits that you are able to rise to the next level. As Jose advises, one must be ‘both feet in or nothing: if you want to do well in something, you must go all in’.

What Jose wanted us to learn from this video was that we should not, as a company or as an individual, be afraid of failure. For failure should not be seen as a deterrent, rather we should treat it as a teacher and a motivator. ‘Every week for us at Bountie, we are failing: an idea that didn’t work, a proposal that was not accepted, . . . a potential partnership that didn’t go through . . .’ Failing, Jose argues, is unavoidable. If you can admit to it, learn from it and confront it head on, you will fail your way to success. Whether or not something goes the way you intended, you must always be ready to fight again. Failing forwards, that is his philosophy.

Welcome to the C-Suites, Desmond Tan!

Maintaining the good energy in the room, the team then learned some incredible news. Desmond Tan, previously the Head of Business Development, has been promoted! Our new Chief Business Development Officer, no one is more deserving of this title than Desmond. To celebrate, Bountie’s Content Producer, Athirah, showed us a video which she had graciously filmed and edited herself.  The video was both touching and hilarious. It displayed the other C-Suites each congratulating Desmond in their own unique ways:

Desmond of course responded to the video with extreme gratitude. Envisioning Bountie as one day becoming a public company, he is constantly considering what we can do to better ourselves and always makes sure to contribute as much as he possibly can. He described his adoration for the family culture at Bountie and showed appreciation for every member of the team.

To end, we all gathered in the centre of the room to perform the Bountie cheer.

‘1, 2, 3 . . . Get Paid to Play!’

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