Bountie Journal: Company Huddle

Priyanka/04 August 2018

Every week, Jose, our CPO, gathers Bountie in a company huddle to share what we’ve recently accomplished, what we aim to accomplish still, and to motivate the team! This week’s huddle was particularly touching, for it was all about gratitude and showing appreciation for the members we are most thankful for and whom we perhaps do not thank often enough.

We began the huddle with an exciting surprise awards ceremony! To be given out every quarter, there were five awards (and prizes!) to be won: Speedy Gonzalez, Community Hero, Strategic Thinker, Top Fundraiser and the overall MVP!

Speedy Gonzalez Winner: Jyessi Goh

A member of the Gaming Department and the Business Development team, Jyessi is known for his strong work ethic, balance and efficiency. Handling the eSports Arena and tournament platform as well as the Bountie platform, Jyessi is an amazing multi-tasker who always delivers his work with optimum speed and quality. No one is more deserving of this award than Jyessi!

Community Hero Winner: Ariel Mok

Thoroughly deserved, the Community Hero is one who effectively connects Bountie’s internal and external family; for instance, through Facebook or Telegram. They are further able to manage the community and penetrate the market with real force! Ariel is all of these things and more. Working hard to manage and activate the Bountie community, Ariel’s efforts have paid off! Her cheerful optimism combined with her desire to succeed certainly makes her this quarter’s Community Hero!

Strategic Thinker Winner: Fabien Ong

Of course, Bountie’s Strategic Thinker award had to go to Fabien! Like Jyessi, Fabien is a key member of the Gaming Department, a real game changer if you will. In charge of managing the eSports Arena, Fabien’s ability to think outside the box has improved the profit margin for Bountie immensely. More than this, his managerial experience with Team Impunity has endowed him with the knowledge needed to host our own tournaments online, a vision the company is eager to realise!

Top Fundraiser Winner: Charlie Tan

As Bountie’s Head of Community, Charlie joined Bountie with the intention of developing the right infrastructure required to ensure solid communication channels for all communities in Bountie. Indeed, Charlie has gone above and beyond his initial goal. A dual-team member, Charlie also works with the Business Development side. By tapping into his wide network, Charlie was able to bring in many retail investors for Bountie, thus raising a significant sum for the company through his skills in communication and capacity to connect with other people.

MVP Winner: Yi Kai Tan

Known throughout Bountie for his modesty, generosity and incredible work ethic, since joining the company, Yi Kai has exceeded his role requirement, constantly filling the gaps which emerge in the Marketing Team. Despite being in charge of Bountie’s campaigns and social media, among many other things, Yi Kai’s positive attitude and good humour never seem to let up. It is no wonder that Yi Kai is Bountie’s MVP, for he inspires us to work hard and put our best foot forward every single day.

After all the awards were given out, we continued the appreciation cycle by each revealing one person from Bountie whom we were grateful for. Of course, no one was able to stick to the one-person rule. Between two to eight people were mentioned by everyone! One person that Lex, our CEO, was most thankful for was Athirah, one of Bountie’s Content Producers. With kindness and sincerity, Lex expressed gratitude for Athriah’s insightfulness and thoughtful suggestions, which he promised to implement into Bountie soon.

As we each took turns to disclose our feelings, you could feel the emotions running through the room. The strong bond in Bountie was obvious, as stories were shared about those we’ve grown up with, whom we’ve learned from and grown from, and whom we trust both in work and in friendship. Tears flowed as we opened up to express genuine appreciation for the people around us, making sure to emphasise how important they are to the team. Indeed, Bountie is a true team, even family, for it could not and would not function without every man and every hand working together to push it forward.

As many laughs were shared, tears were shed and hearts were made full, this company huddle was definitely one to remember!


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