Bountie Invades Thailand During The Global Innovation Alliance Thailand Launch

Bountie/02 May 2018

Last weekend from 24-27 April, Bountie made an appearance during the Global Innovation Alliance pre-launch and launch event to talk about the potential in esports market and how Bountie can contribute using its platform. It was an educational and insightful trip we’ll never forget. 

The GIA Bangkok initiative aims to strengthen innovation linkages between Singapore and Bangkok and serve as an entry point for Singapore entities to connect with the local innovation and business community. With this launch, Bangkok will be an active node of the GIA network across cities including Beijing, Jakarta and San Francisco.

The GIA plans to make it easier for Singapore startups to access the market for business opportunities as well as drive partnerships between Singapore and Thai startups to co-create innovative solutions. This includes startups like Bountie for example. 

Senior Minister Koh Poh Koon visited Bountie’s showmatch for IDNS Thailand and Girlaxy Singapore. Both Girlaxy and IDNS Thailand went at it in Mobile Legends on 27 April itself. Despite some technical difficulties, the matches went off without a hitch at Thailand itself. Hats off to IDNS Thailand for a fight well fought. 

Here’s a video of the match.

Bountie also got some media love from Channel 5 News. 

We also have Koh Poh Koon talking about Bountie in brief during his GIA launch speech. 

Check out the rest of our Thailand trip pictures below. 


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