Bountie Full Product Update – June 2018

Bountie/25 June 2018

Bountie’s platform focuses on hosting tournaments that gamers can create and compete to earn Bountie tokens. We previously announced the tournament hosting flow so let’s start off today’s product update with the new feature: browsing for a tournament. 

Browsing Tournament

Users will now be able to filter through Tournaments pertaining to a specific game (e.g. Display only Fortnite Tournaments). When your mouse hovers on a tournament, the block enlarges. Our plan is to put a video that plays in the background to increase the level of immersion. Think of how Netflix shows trailers. 

Starting A Tournament

The Tournament Details page has been updated with new action buttons. In team-based tournaments, any team member will be able to sign up for a tournament on behalf of their team. The share button will also integrate with Bountie’s Messaging system.

In addition, users (and organisers) will be able to open the tournament brackets in fullscreen. The tournament bracket may also be downloaded as an automatically generated PDF with the click of a button. 

A team or player’s standing is determined based on his total winnings from the tournament as well as his current form. An independent log of (tournament) activities will be made accessible to users.

Friends Management

Part and parcel of Bountie’s long-term vision is to be the “LinkedIn” for gamers. Hence, the social element is important to Bountie. At our current juncture, we are far from being a social network for gamers. We will, however, incorporate a ‘Friends’ Management’ feature and direct messaging into the platform MVP.

Direct Message

Bountie Wallet

We want to provide a seamless transaction for the gamers. Bountie believes that gamers should do what they do best rather than focusing on external complicated wallet portals. Hence we design a Blockchain-based Wallet for the safekeeping of Bountie Tokens. Our plan is to have this integrate with the Bountie Web App directly instead of basing this in a separate Tokens portal.

Bountie Wallet
Bountie Wallet

Our product team is working really hard to provide more features in the MVP. Stay tuned to our Facebook Page and Telegram for more updates and keep a watch on our blog for latest news!

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