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Tata/28 November 2021

Something that is often forgotten but has a big impact on getting a triumph in Mobile Legends Bang Bang is the setting, but what are exactly the best settings for Mobile Legends? There are no exact rules for setting Mobile Legend because everything comes back to your preference. However, there are some tips to maximize your gameplay and avoid lag.

Here are the 5 best settings for Mobile Legends!

  1. Camera Height
    The height of the camera is important when you play Mobile Legends. If you choose a low camera setting, the range of the map you see will be more limited. But if you choose a high camera setting, it will show more of the area. This will make you have a wider vision, you can see the enemy earlier with this camera setting. Only use low settings when your device is running slowly.

    best settings for Mobile Legends


    best settings for Mobile Legends


  2. HD Mode
    Actually, there is no significant difference when you turn the HD mode on or off. You can leave this mode off to save your battery. This mode is different from the graphic mode which has four options, which are low, medium, high, and ultra. Of course, this choice will affect the graphics you get. If you select the lowest graphic (low), the displayed image will be slightly darker than the medium or high option. Ultra graphics are also very battery-consuming, better to choose medium or high graphics. The selection of HD and graphic modes should be adjusted to the capabilities of your device to reduce lagging.

    best settings for Mobile Legends

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    best settings for Mobile Legends


    best settings for Mobile Legends


  3. Creep HD Mode
    Only if you play as a jungler it will be better if you turn on this HD Creep mode. By activating this Mobile Legends setting you will see the HP of the forest monsters more clearly. Also shows the amount of damage dealt. This will help you to become a stronger jungler.

  4. Optimized FPS
    When you enable the optimized FPS setting, it will increase the frames per second in your team’s matches. We recommend that you leave this mode always active.

  5. Control Setting
    best settings for Mobile Legends
    In the control setting, there are 3 aiming methods that you can choose:
    a. Free Aim
    b. Advanced Aim

    c. Lock-on Amin

    You can choose free aim if you are a new Mobile Legends player, so you only have one button to attack the enemy. While on the advanced aim you will get additional buttons to attack. The advanced aim option is very useful to familiarize yourself in improving your gameplay. While the lock-on aim will also provide additional buttons.

That are the 5 best settings for Mobile Legends which are useful for improving your gameplay. You can turn off other settings to reduce lagging that bothers you while attacking your enemy. You can also choose other Mobile Legend settings according to your preferences and needs.

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