How To Be A Part Of Bountie’s ICO Community

Bountie/13 March 2018

Welcome, Bountie Hunters! 

We are really excited to have everyone be a part of our community. If you’re more of a gamer and feeling a little lost about this ICO-thing that Bountie is having, don’t worry, we’ll guide you around.

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What is ICO?

ICO is the abbreviation of Initial Coin Offering, a fundraising mechanism companies use where supporters can buy Bountie Tokens (Bountie’s own cryptocurrency) at a discounted price. You might get it confused with Initial Public Offering (IPO) where the public can purchase shares of the company. There’s a pretty distinct difference between ICO and IPO, which we have described here.

Anyway, here’s how you can be a part of our ICO community.

Get Notified

First and foremost, you should sign up for our investor newsletter to stay notified about updates on our development and ICO process. We will be having many more announcements coming up. So, stay updated via our newsletters. 

Join Our Telegram Group

We have more than 20k Bountie Hunters in our Telegram group who are very interested in ICO. Every day, we will be sharing news, updates and discussion about the esports market and our ICO progress. This is the fastest way to stay connected with the whole Bountie Team. Want to strike a conversation with our CEO? Join us in Bountie Telegram Group.

We understand that the group can get flooded with conversations so we came up with an announcement channel. Subscribe to our Telegram Announcement channel for daily official news from the Bountie Management team.

Follow Us

Lastly, to be a part of our community, be sure to follow all our social media for your best Bountie experience.

Facebook: @BountieGaming
Twitter: @BountieGaming
Instagram: @BountieOfficial

Before we end off, here’s a short video of our team! Enjoy!

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