Bountie Partners With MSI Gaming For A Prosperous Gaming & Esports Future

Bountie/16 March 2018

Even more good news this week, Bountie Hunters! We have a new computer partner on our Bountie friendslist: MSI Gaming (or “Micro-Star International”).

That’s right: we will be teaming up with the Taiwanese computer manufacturing juggernaut MSI Gaming for future Bountie, esports, and gaming projects. This collaboration is to help nurture and grow the Southeast Asia local esports scene while also advocating MSI’s latest brand of high-end gaming computers.

Here is what our esteemed leader and CEO, Lex Na, has to say about this glorious partnership:

“MSI has always been a trusted PC and laptop brand for gaming even until now. MSI’s computers are the very definition of high-end quality gaming! Bountie wishes to foster this partnership so that gamers are more inclined to make a reasonable living out of playing the games they love.”

“MSI believes in our long-term end goal in creating a new ecosystem between gamers and us, which gives us great confidence in our abilities. We are truly honoured to be partnering with a highly-respected company.”

As a world-leading gaming brand, MSI Gaming’s aim is to become the most trusted name in gaming and esports. The company stands by its principles of breakthroughs in design, the pursuit of excellence, and technological innovation. The company has continued to raise the technological and entertainment bar for themselves and has accomplished a great deal of pioneering work in the industry.

“The people at Bountie have always been supporters of our line of high-end PCs,” said MSI Singapore Sales representative Cooper. “We believe that their upcoming platform will help out gamers in Southeast Asia and make a difference in their lives.”

“At the same time, this partnership can help bring to light how awesome and powerful our gaming computers and laptops are. With our new and recent products such as Vortex G25 gaming tower and GE63VR Raider laptop, we are incredibly confident that Bountie’s audiences will be more than keen to check out and enjoy our creations.”

This partnership between us can help bring to light how awesome and powerful MSI’s gaming computers and laptops are. With new and exciting products such as the Vortex G25 gaming tower and the GS73 Stealth laptop, the company is confident that our future Bountie Hunters will be more than keen to earn future money by playing competitive games on MSI-branded computers.

As you can tell from our previous articles, we really do like MSI’s latest laptop. 

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